Selling a flat in Paris

The seller and the asset

La Fondation Abbé Pierre became the owner of a flat by donation and wanted to maximise the sale price. It was also important that the transaction was both secure and transparent. The online auction system was the best option for this seller as encouraging potential bidders to compete means the sale price increases. The foundation decided to use Agorastore’s expertise to value this 84m² flat located in the 14th district of Paris, close to Alesia.


The issues

  • Maximising the sales price of a property in need of renovation
  • Secure, optimised transaction
  • Finding a qualified bidder
  • Ensuring transparency and a fair sale process

Type of property




Surface area

84 m²

Reserve price

639 600 €


Valuing the asset and preparing a sales strategy in advance


360° publicity campaign on specialist advertising site and on social media


Selecting the most qualified bidders and checking their solvency to authorise them to bid on the platform, they had to provide an agreement in principle from the bank.


Notary assistance, drawing up the contract and supervising signatures



  • Sale price: €901 250
  •  A quick transaction – less than 1 month with a short bidding session and an offer with no suspensive conditions.
  • More than 10% over the market price, offered by an individual


Comment améliorer l'efficacité et la transparence des cessions d'actifs immobiliers ?


Interview d'Anissa Boukebir, Chef du service affaires juridiques et immobilières

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